Game and Nature Reserves

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Game and Nature 

Gizil Agaj State National Reserve is 88,360 hectares. As a result of scientific research in this State Reservation 23 sorts of mammals, about 270 sorts of birds, 12 sorts of reptiles and 47 sorts of fish have been observed.

Yanar Bulag contains a water spring that burns constantly as if it were a gas lit flame. This is located just outside of Lankaran on the highway to Astara towards the beautiful range of mountains to the west.

Hirkan National Park is 15,000 hectares. It has 150 kinds of trees and bushes in the park area and 36 of them are endemic.

Xanbulan Lake is located southeast of the city of Lankaran. It is a wooded reservoir in the lower foothills, which is wonderful for a picnic lunch and a relaxing nature hike.